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Coriander – Leaves 100gm

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Benefits of the Coriander Water and Juice

1. These liquids help lose weight and boost immunity.
2. They help flush out all the toxins from your body.
3. These  liquids give you essential vitamins and minerals.
4. They are low in calories, high in fibre and low in glycemic index.
5.  folic acid, and le mon has vitamin C. These prevent the body from developing anaemia.
6. They help fight acne and give clear looking skin. In addition, these fluids help strengthen the hair.

Weight Loss

  • Coriander has quercetin which increases your bodys metabolism. Metabolism is the standard functioning capacity of your
    body. When metabolism increases, it aids in weight loss. In contrast, it results in weight gain when it decreases.


  • Vitamin C 135 mg
    Vitamin A 6918 mcg


Phosphorous          :   71 mg
Iron                          :  1.42 mg
Calcium                   : 184 mg
Magnesium             : 31 mg
Sodium                     : 58.3 mg
Potassium                : 256 mg
Sulphur                     : 49 mg
Chlorine                    : 43 mg


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