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Capsicum – Green 1kg

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Nutritional Value of  Capsicum – Green

1.  Energy                    :     16 kcal
2.  Carbohydrates      :     1.9 gms
3.  Total Fat                :      0.3 gms
4.  Total Fibre            :      2.1 gm
5.  Vitamin C              :      123 mg
6.  Folic Acid              :      52 mcg
7.  Beta Carotene       :       328 mg
8.  Vitamin A              :      55 mcg

Capsicum – Green Heart Friendly Ingredient

Being high in antioxidants and phytonutrients, capsicum is the best friend of the heart by helping reduce cholesterol levels and protect against free radicals. A Phytonutrient, especially lycopene which is high in red capsicums works hard to keep your heart healthy. Lycopene along with folate and Vitamin B6 helps to lower homocysteine levels.

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