Capsicum – Green 500gm


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Nutritional Value of Capsicum – Green

Energy                 :  16 kcal
Carbohydrates   :  1.9 gms
Total Fat             :  0.3 gms
Total Fibre         :  2.1 gm
Vitamin C           :  123 mg
Folic Acid           :  52 mcg
Beta Carotene   :  328 mg
Vitamin A          :  55 mcg

Heart-Friendly Ingredient:

Being high in antioxidants and phytonutrients, capsicum is the best friend of the heart by helping reduce cholesterol levels and protect against free radicals. A Phytonutrient, especially lycopene which is high in red capsicums works hard to keep your heart healthy. Lycopene along with folate and Vitamin B6 helps to lower homocysteine levels.

Good for Arthritis Pain

Capsicum is bestowed with anti-inflammatory properties which is helpful when it comes to pain and inflammation associated with the chronic condition of arthritis. The phytochemicals present interact with the peripheral nerve endings further numbing them and thus removing symptoms of pain.


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