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Mango Safeda 1kg

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Pulpnest premium Fruits and Vegetables

Pulpnest always Focus on premium Quality and Freshness.

Health Benefits of Mango Safeda

1. Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes
2. Helps Boost Immunity
3. Helps Keep the Heart Healthy
4. Helps Promote Digestion
5. Promotes healthy Eyesight
6. Prevent Certain Types of Cancer

Nutritional value Per 165g of Mango Safeda

1. Calories                  :       99
2. Fat                          :       0.1g
3. Sodium                  :       2mg
4. Carbohydrates     :       25g
6. Fiber                      :       2.6g
7. Sugars                    :       23g
8. Protein                   :      1.4g



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