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Sun Melon – Sarda 1pcs

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Benefits of Sunmelon – Exotic

1. Keep the Heart Healthy
2. Relaxation in periods
3. There is less hair fall
4. Makes you lose weight
5. Digestive System Healthy
6. Beneficial for the eyes

Nutritional Value of Sunmelon – Exotic

Sunmelon – Exotic for 250gm of contains:

Sodium                          18mg   milligrams
Potassium                     228mg milligrams
Carbohydrates             9.1g gramse
Dietary Fiber                0.8g grams
Sugars                            8.1g grams
Protein                           0.5g grams
Vitamin                          A30%
Vitamin                          C0.5%
Calcium                          0.9%


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