Onion – Peeled 1 kg


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Benefits of onion Peeled

1. Have Many Antioxidants
2. Help with Blood Sugar Levels
3. Improved Digestive Health
4. Loaded with Nutrients
5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
6. May Keep Certain Cancers at Bay

Nutritional Value of onion Peeled
onion Peeled for 200gm of contains:

1. Calories: 44
2. Fat: 0.1g
3. Sodium: 4.4mg
4. Carbohydrates: 10.3g
5. Fiber: 1.9g
6. Sugars: 4.7g
7. Protein: 1.2g
8. Potassium: 161mg


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Onion – Peeled 1 kg